Congregational Committee

The Congregational Committee is responsible for the safe and efficient operation of the Church as a legal entity. It is composed of members of the church family at Scrabo who have been elected by the Congregation to serve on the Committee for a period of three years. The members of the Kirk Session also sit on the Committee.

In Scrabo the Committee is divided into various Sub-Committees, responsible for Business, Property, Finance, Catering and Publications/Media.

The Church Secretary of the Committee is responsible for keeping a record of the Committee meetings, and for putting together any correspondence with external organisations and groups, on behalf of the Committee.  This role is currently performed by Mr Alistair McCauley.

The current Committee members for Scrabo Presbyterian Church are:

Miss Alison Beggs 

Mrs Betty Black 

Mr Matthew Boyd

Mrs Hilary Dimond 

Mr Alastair McCauley 

Mrs Kim McCauley 

Mrs Sally McIntyre

Mrs Ruth Pearson

Mrs Rosemary Wade